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The multifunctional application of disposable pet urine pads, you can never imagine the use!

2023/10/24 14:18:45

Floor protection pad: Pet urine pads have good water absorption performance and can be used as floor protection pads to prevent carpets and floors from getting dirty and damaged by pets at home.


Car pet seat cushion: The pet urine cushion can be used as a car pet seat cushion to protect the car seat from pet paws, saliva, and dirt, while absorbing pet urine and urine.


Pet care pad: Pet urine pads can be used as pet care pads to help prevent excretion problems caused by diseases or surgeries, while also preventing bed sheets from getting dirty.


Pet training mat: Pet urine mats can be used for pet training, such as when training dogs in sitting, lying, etc., the urine mat can be placed in a designated position to make pets accustomed to sitting or lying down on it.


Pet Comfort Pad: Pet urine pads can be used as comfort pads for pets, placed on their beds or other resting areas to make them feel comfortable and warm.